Alf Hoffmann 

children‘s concerts - family concerts
Texts:  Paul Maar, Monika Reimers
Birdsongs - insect sounds

Music : Alf Hoffmann

Text : Monika Reimers                                                                                            ca 45 min

Summary :

The small tom-cat Murkel wakes up early one morning and the story relates his eventful day. He meets the canary in the house, strolls out into the neighbourhood, a bee hums around his nose and the flea family uses his fur as a playground during his siesta. After further adventures he finds his way back home at nightfall.

Orchestra :

Fl./ Picc., Ob., Cl., Fag., Baßpos.,

Soloviol. ( Le Canari, Vivaldi, Lark‘s song), Viol.1 u. 2, Viola, Vc., Cb.,




Compositions by Alf Hoffmann:

Flea dances

The woodpecker

The spider and the fly

Motives for cat 1-3.

Transcriptions by Alf Hoffmann:

Grieg - dawn

dance in the hall of the mountain king),

Poliakin – the canary,

Fr.Schubert (Dresden) - the bee.

Music Original:

Vivaldi - 1. movement “spring”

Telemann - 1. movement “cricket symphony”

F. Kukuck - 1. movement “the nightingale”

Dunicu Doina - lark´s song 

The scores and the orchestral parts will be available for rental from Alf Hoffmann

Performances :

Dortmund Opernhaus

Stadttheater Pforzheim

Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen

Staatstheater Halle

Staatstheater Darmstadt

Theater Altenburg-Gera

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a musical spring day with “Murkel” the tom-cat